The Studio

After years of feeling restricted to a traditional studio with backdrops and artificial lighting, I decided I wanted to start over. I aspired to create a photography studio with interesting features and the ability to use natural lighting without needing to be outdoors. I purchased a 138-year-old home and renovated it to look like the Victorian Era it was built in. The french doors and hardwood floors make for great images and each antique piece of furniture was collected with photography in mind. There are 13 windows that allow me to create gorgeous images and dramatic lighting that artificial light can't compete with.


The images

Throughout the day the lighting shifts, making even the same room produce different images. There are four distinct rooms so no two sessions are ever the same. I strive for variety in all my work so every client gets a session that is personalized and focused on what works for each personality and body shape. Each room is functional instead of staged making the atmosphere more comfortable and natural. For examples of images taken in my new space, please see the gallery below.