Pittsburgh Maternity Photography

Pregnancy and motherhood are among the most beautiful aspects of womanhood, and they have captivated Dawn since her youth. As a professional photographer, maternity and newborn photo shoots have become her specialties.

Private Maternity Sessions 

You can sit for your photos in Dawn's Studio or at any location of your choosing. We can shoot in your home or any of your favorite outdoor locations. Maternity Sessions are best done between 30-36 weeks. You know best what flatters you and your belly, so bring along your favorite skirts, dresses, and fitted clothing. There's also a limited assortment of gowns, robes, and fabrics in the studio that can also be used accentuate and flatter your new-found curves. If you are interested in Fine Art Nudes, please bring along nude-colored undergarments. You can also bring along ultrasound photos, baby shoes, blocks, or anything else you think may be fun to add to your session and portraits.

A Family-Friendly Photographer

Your family is welcome to join you for your photo session. Feel free to bring your partner and/or other children. Maternity sessions can be a great time to build excitement for older children and make them feel included.