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Dawn Hartman Photography Projects > Lesbian Intimacy

lesbian intimacy photography

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The Intimacy Project: Lesbian Intimacy

Lesbian Intimacy and Identity is a project by and for lesbian, bisexual and transgendered women. There is a scarcity of images of lesbians and/or they are overpowered by images that are gratuitiously sexual and often of two straight women pretending to be gay. The goal of my show is to provide the lesbian community with images of the many facets of intimacy that can exist between women. While showcasing intimacy of different kinds, it also confronts some gender roles as well as assumed roles within a lesbian relationship.

I have always been in awe of the beauty of women and they consequently were most often the subject of my photography. I photographed many women before I allowed myself to explore my admiration for them. Once I accepted my sexuality, my passion to capture the beauty of women intensified greatly which then allowed me to be uninhibited in my artistic ventures. This show is a product of my admiration of women who love women and my desire to replace taboo with beauty.

~ Dawn Hartman, Pittsburgh Photographer